Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 3- Wonder Woman

Here's Today's. Tomorrow I think I get to draw a guy... so that's something different to look forward to.

Also- Just so we're all on the same page- These are orders that I'm way late in finishing so until I get caught up, I'm not taking any new $6 commission requests. If you want to get art from me for the time being, you can email me with pricing questions or catch me at a con. (For upcoming con appearances, check out the main- site.)

Thanks again!

1 comment:

  1. All the world is waiting for you
    and the power you possess
    In your satin tights
    fighting for your rights
    And the old red white and blue...
    Now the world is ready for you
    and the wonders you can do
    Make a hawk a dove
    stop a war with love
    Make a liar tell the truth
    Wonder Woman!
    Get us out from under, Wonder Woman
    (Yeah Baby!)
    All our hopes are pinned upon you
    and the magic that you do
    Stop a bullet cold
    make the axis fold
    change their minds and change the world