Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 18- Captain America

Hey- I'm back from the KC show (we drove. So it seems like we were gone for a hundred years.) I'm headed up to WonderCon this weekend but I'll try not to miss a day. This time I'll be around computers.

The request for this one was actually, "A wacky Liefeld-esque CapAmerica" but, as most of my nerd friends know, I sort-of really like Rob Liefeld. Especially early Rob on Hawk and Dove and the real early New Mutants-- McFarlane inked Liefeld was my jam back in the day. Anyway, I couldn't in good conscience fuck on the guy as it's so in-vogue to do these days so here's Liefeld's Cap in my style-- Which is kind of 'wacky', I guess.

See you tomorrow with more.