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Day 546- Nothing

I'm not an internet scholar or activist. But I'm guessing I wouldn't be allowed to post a drawing of a copy-written character every day for over 500 days under SOPA. 

Even if I explained to SOPA that I only charged $3 for them and that they've taken me so long to finish that they've cost me more in time and markers and angry fans than they ever made me in cash money.

In anycase, Fuck SOPA and also Fuck PIPA.

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Day 539- Adam Warlock

Here's today's 1 a day. I'm off to Arizona for a few days for the Amazing Arizona Comic-Con. If you're at the show, come see me at Table #222, I'll be with my good buddy Josh Fialkov. If you're not at the show, you can keep an eye on Twitter for new art from the show. And then I'll be back on Tuesday or Wednesday.  

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