Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 428- Jarella

Today's piece is going to my friend April, who made me the coolest birthday present of all time. This hardcover book featuring every 1 a day sketch up until about 2 weeks ago. Totally awesome. Here are a couple pictures.

If you guys and gals like the look of this thing, There'll be a complete 1 a day art book available when I'm finally done with these. It'll have all the sketches from 1 a day and before and it'll have commentary and angry emails and everything.

That's in the future though, for now- Check back tomorrow for another 1 a day sketch.

Thanks April!!


  1. That is totally rockin'! Well done April.

  2. That's pretty awesome and I'll definitely pick up a book in the future. These 1aDay sketches have been really fun to see!